The Power of Microcurrent Wave Technology for Pet Dental Care

The Power of Microcurrent Wave Technology for Pet Dental Care

Did you know that plaque forms 7 times faster in pets than in humans? But why is that the case? 


To understand this, we need to grasp how plaque forms.

When there is water and a surface, bacteria adhere to the surface and form colonies. As these colonies grow, they create an impermeable and antibiotic-resistant protective layer. The only way to remove it is through mechanical force, something we humans have been doing for over 80,000 years by scrubbing it off.

Surprisingly, studies reveal that a staggering 73% of cat owners and 43% of dog owners neglect to brush their pet's teeth and often overlook professional cleanings. While we diligently remove biofilm from our own teeth twice daily, the plaque in our pet's mouth keeps accumulating continuously.

Moreover, pet foods often contain higher levels of carbohydrates and sugars, which contribute to plaque formation. Combined with the fact that pets may not thoroughly chew their food and have a tendency to explore various surfaces, this creates an environment conducive to plaque buildup.

Unfortunately, the market lacks adequate support for pet owners seeking effective and practical solutions. Manual cleaning can be challenging due to our furry friends' limited patience, and electric toothbrushes irritate their highly elevated hearing and nervous systems.


Introducing our Oreze Pet Toothbrush with Silent and Motionless Technology!

Our innovative Oreze pet toothbrushes utilize bioelectric waves to effortlessly remove biofilm (plaque) without any noise or vibration, offering our beloved pets a calm and comfortable experience. Designed with their oral health in mind, our bioelectric toothbrushes effectively reduce plaque and tartar, improve gum health, and prevent tooth loss, making the annual scaling appointment with the vet a walk in the park.


How do bioelectric microcurrent waves work?

Using our patented TROMATZWAVE® technology, we employ low-frequency electrical signals, akin to radio or telegram frequencies, to specifically target the protective layer biofilms develop within 8-10 hours. By simultaneously applying AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) at a micro frequency of 0.7 V, our technology reaches even the most challenging areas between the teeth and along the gum line. These microcurrent waves are safe and cause no discomfort because they replicate the body's natural electrical signals.


Harnessing the Power of AC and DC:

Our toothbrush's combination of AC and DC effectively addresses biofilms. AC weakens the protective layer of the bacterial colony, while DC interacts with the biofilm's metabolic properties. This dual action weakens the bacterial colony from both inside and outside, leading to detachment and facilitating its removal. Consequently, plaque and tartar buildup are effectively prevented, promoting superior oral health for your furry companions.


How Our Innovative Technology Makes a Difference:

  • Enhanced plaque removal: Oreze pet toothbrushes equipped with TROMATZWAVE technology eliminate six times more plaque than regular bristles, reducing bad breath by 93%.
  • Improved oral health: Just 2 minutes of using our bioelectric toothbrushes twice daily can significantly enhance gum health by 75%. The microcurrent waves boost gum circulation, stimulate saliva production, and promote collagen production, facilitating healing, reducing inflammation, and strengthening and repairing the gums.
  • Gentle and comfortable: Our innovative technology eliminates the need for physical scrubbing. With no vibration, sound, or pressure, our toothbrush's microcurrent waves safely remove dental plaque while preserving dental enamel, preventing long-term tooth loss.



Oreze simplifies incorporating high-quality oral care into your pet's routine. Regular use of our bioelectric toothbrush can significantly enhance your pet's overall health and lifespan, ensuring they enjoy more joyful years by your side.

Say goodbye to tooth loss, oral diseases, and unpleasant odors during cuddle time, and welcome a cleaner, healthier mouth for your furry companion.

Every day is a chance to prolong the bond with your best buds through healthy habits. That's why we make oral care feel magical.


(Note: The information provided in this blog post is based on research and clinical studies conducted on TROMATZWAVE® technology. Always consult your veterinarian for specific dental care recommendations for your pet.)



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