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Oreze brushes are more effective than dental chews

Dental chews are packed with artificial ingredients, can upset stomachs, and aren't effective at removing plaque.

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reduces gum inflammation by 75%


is 6x better at removing plaque


requires minimal brushing

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Three reasons why Oreze is better than dental chews

1) Dental chews are unhealthy

Most dental chews contain artificial ingredients, which should be avoided for health and nutrition concerns.

2) More eating, more problems

Too many dental chews make upset stomachs, and large pieces cause GI obstructions. Also, why add unnecessary calories?

3) They're not effective

Point blank—dental chews don't remove plaque. Like your (human) dentist always says—make sure to brush. Oreze removes 6x more plaque than even regular brushes do.

Try Oreze
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Our brushes actually remove plaque build-up

It's the first clinically-proven pet toothbrush that removes 6x more plaque than even regular brushes can.

Benefits of brushing with Oreze

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    Dental disease is the #1 illness affecting pets. Since it affects heart, kidney, and lung functions, good dental hygiene extends lifespans.

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    Trips to the vet and treatments can cost thousands of dollars over time. Using Oreze consistently means you can spend those dollars on everything else.

  • A white pitbull getting his teeth cleaned with an Oreze brush.


    It's noise-free, vibration-free, and stress-free. Our brushes are designed with your pet's comfort in mind. The bristles are strong on plaque but soft to the touch.

"Highly recommend! Greenies weren't really doing anything tbh. Rocco's breath started to smell fresher after a few weeks. Really hoping this toothbrush saves us future trips to the vet!"

- Tina N. on May 3, 2023

Ready to ditch dental chews?

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They're supplements. Not solutions.

The only solution to fight dental disease is consistent brushing, with a pet toothbrush that actually removes plaque and harmful bacteria.